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The Good House

A member of The Warriors' Heart, Inc., a 501C3

527 N. College Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 

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Who We Are

Grant Latimer plants a garden with classmates and parents in honor of his mother, Lisa.

The Good House was named in honor of Dr. Robert Allen Good, the first physician
to perform a successful bone marrow transplant using donor cells. This renovated
home in downtown Indianapolis will provide short term housing for patients that come
from outside our community to undergo bone marrow transplant at Indiana University
Hospital. This home will often be a patient’s first experience in Indianapolis as they face
a cancer diagnosis and prepare for the realities of their treatment. The Good House gives
our community the opportunity to provide these patients and their families with not only
a place to stay but a warm and compassionate shelter at a time when they need it most.

Our mission is to ease the financial burden for patients and their families undergoing
treatment at Indiana University Hospital, while also providing hope and compassion at a
time when they need it most.
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